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Odoo is the world's easiest all-in-one management software. It includes hundreds of integrated business apps: CRM, Accounting, Inventory, Marketing, eCommerce, Project Management, HR, MRP, etc.


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Odoo - Point of Sale

The Odoo Point of Sale application integrates directly with the Odoo Sales Management application and allows you to setup a full Point of Sale application in Odoo.

Sometimes shortened to POS, the Odoo Point of Sale application can be used in retail environments to replace a standard cash register.

Because Odoo's Point of Sale application is open source, you can customize it to the requirements of your specific business.


Odoo - Website Builder

Design great looking pages based on bootstrap and Odoo building blocks, edit any content inline, activate features on demand, install new apps for your website, etc.

An open source CMS and eCommerce based on Odoo, Python and Bootstrap.


How to boost your online sales with sleek product page


Odoo - VOIP

Manage your phone calls directly from Odoo. Call your customers, manage a call queue, log your calls, schedule calls.

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