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Thanks to our unique combination of business, technical and methodological expertise, working with Aligned Management will guarantee the success of your Odoo implementation project.

From the simplest standard implementation to sophisticated on-site or cloud deployments, including custom development and integration, we will guide you towards the best possible solution according to your goals and constraints.

Our methodology is tailored to the specific needs of an Odoo project, and we cover all the aspects of the Odoo project lifecycle.

  • Requirements gathering;
  • Identification of existing solutions and challenging assumptions;
  • Prototyping of sensitive aspects of the solution;
  • Configuration;
  • Iterative implementation with frequent delivery of working features;
  • Development of custom modules;
  • Testing and quality assurance;
  • Coaching, training and change management;
  • Deployment;
  • Support and maintenance.

Our Methodology


Depending on the scope and complexity of the project and the modules involved one or several moments of a half a day are planned with a well-versed associate of your company  to analyze your needs more in depth and propose solutions  which are in line with the existing functional possibilities of the official Odoo modules. The objective of this first phase is to:

  • Validate the list of modules to install
  • The mock-ups (screens design) with the fields to add
  • The information needed to configure the system
  • Decision on the way to use the existing functions of Odoo
  • A listing of the identified adaptations to do (screens and reports)

Only when all business processes, together with interfaces, within the company or towards suppliers and customers are modelled, Aligned Management, on this basis, will define and offer precisely the expense related to the implementation to be performed.


Once the analysis of your needs is validated, we start the configuration phase on basis of the standard version of Odoo. The objective of this second phase is to:

  • Put in place two instances for your company :
    • One test instance
    • One production instance
  • Configure the standard functions to match your needs
  • Do the first tests with you on your dedicated instance


When designing Odoo based solutions, we always try to use the standard feature first. When customer requirements go beyond the standard we look if we can use a community module or contribute to extend an existing module or a new module when the requirements are generic.

Once the analysis of your needs is validated, we start the customization phase on the basis of the standard version of Odoo.  Our offer takes into account the modification of screens, and simple adaptations of reports and/or workflows, as well as the custom developments identified during the analysis phase.

Maintain business growth in this changing market landscape.

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We help you to migrate existing data from your actual system to Odoo. The data to import and the mapping of the fields will be defined during the analysis phase.


A key component in the implementation of any ERP system is the training of personnel and ongoing support. Users must be effectively trained in any improved revised business processes in addition to system feature/function. Common ERP training programs tend to focus on general system functions. Then, employees go back to their desks and don't know what to do. Aligned Management's ERP training focuses on working with the individual company personnel to make sure they know how to do their jobs, so once the new ERP system is live, employees already know what to do.

Aligned Management also supports you with the continuous training of your employees. Our training programs ranges from giving an overall understanding of the Odoo functionality to in-depth and advanced training. The training are done on site or online via a series of webinars (conferences online with shared screens).

After Sales Services

After the implementation of the new software solution, Aligned Management will be at your disposal. We will give you support in case you wish to expand or adapt existing business processes or the implanted software. We take over for you the technical assistance and maintenance and look forward to answering any questions you may have regarding Open Source technologies.

Change Management

Resistance to change will always remain the greatest constraint of growing businesses and innovation. That is why, at Aligned Management, we integrated the steps of change management to all our services. We take the time to support the human factor at every level of your organization to facilitate the transformation of your business and ensure a seamless transition of your operations to your new goals. Aligned Management helps strategic business process transformation of small, medium and large businesses to attain and maintain business growth in this changing market landscape. Leveraging technology solutions help companies optimize critical functions and streamline business processes.