Delivery model

Onsite delivery

At Aligned Management, we offer Onsite delivery that takes care of all the intricacies required to pull off the job with our skilled team. The whole process starts from the inception of the project to the completion.

To overcome the complexities of the Onsite delivery, our team delivers on the similar path of the client's philosophy and working standards, exceeding the client's expectation.

Our Onsite team believes in providing the best attention and works under the team leader guidance to maximize output. The Onsite team also specialize in re-engineering projects and try to minimize both cost and delivery time of the project.

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Offsite delivery

Creating value from proximity is one of the best delivery models in the current Industry. Aligned Management believes in providing the right solution through Offsite delivery model that takes care of all the problems from vicinity.

Our team creates local presence and provides constant support to your local needs. Benefits of Offsite Delivery Model are faster communication with clarity.

Another major advantage of using our Offsite Delivery Model is to fulfill the current demand of expertise in the market with on-demand skill resources. The whole setup will be done keeping the cost and time in mind.